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Prota Atlas report 7 months ago

Greetings from Prota Atlas the Game Finding server you were looking for. We offer you a chance to:

  • Find yourself company to play with
  • Find or form teams with distinguishing roles
  • Scrimming challenges for those who want
  • Friendly enviroment
  • Experienced Lead Team
  • Share your art work, channels etc.
  • We are also making private Text and Voice channels for teams who join us

Where do you signup?


KaneB.SC report 8 months ago

Hello, Add me on uplay: OnlyKaneB

Moxy report 1 year ago

Hey we are a new team looking for a 5th so we can start strating and playing ESL. We are a dedicated bunch of players who want to play to the best of our potential and win as many games as possible. We will be playing 4+ time a week and want you to join us. Join the discord for a trail or contact me on Uplay my name is The.Moxy.

Modernicide report 2 years ago

Looking for Plat Bomb players for RANKED who think they can make P1/Dia - Looking for players who play as a team, to win, and not peek everything and make individual plays. Comp experience preferred but not essential.


Ants4ever01 report 16 hours ago

Damage Incorporated Website: https://dmg-inc.com/ R6S Servers: EU and NA


Damage Incorporated is a professional multi- Gaming clan that was formed in 2012 and we currently have over 2000 members. We have Strong representation in many games, and our members tend to hang around for many years due to the quality of the community

-Why Join?-

We are currently looking for active members in the R6S community who value teamwork and organization in large groups and had enough of SoloQ. If you are interested pm me and I'll give all detail and help you join DI

ItsMeTomas Commander of Division XII Discord: ItsMeTomas#8839 Ants4ever01 Team Leader of Divsion XII Discord: Ants4ever01#0225

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