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Prota Atlas report 8 months ago

Greetings from Prota Atlas We are a game finding service with over 100 regular users looking to extend our capabilities to find a compatible team or another team to scrimm with. We would like to offer you and your possible team mates a chance to join us and enhance your gaming experiences. We have an experienced lead team that will help moderate even through toughest times.

What do we offer for single players? We offer a chance for you to find a team to either queue with once or regularly either casually or competitively. We also offer you a tool that helps you distinguish from others and easily share your skills. In a friendly and moderated environment

What do we offer for a Team? We offer you a chance to either form your own team, find new members for your existing one. When you are ready and confident with your team line ups we also give you chance to challenge our others teams on the community. This is a good way to make a new for your team and gain some fame in the community. Contact a moderator on the server to get yourself a team tag set up that clearly distinguishes you and your team from the rest of the people on the server

Where do I sign up Join our discord server here and read rules and other valid information after which feel free to start recruiting

Discord link: https://discord.gg/VsAdTrF

Er1C.CyT report 7 months ago

Hey Cytronics eSport würd sich freuen mal mit dir ein Probespiel zu machen adde einfach Er1C.CyT

EINHORN.VRT report 1 year ago

VERITAS sind ein deutsches “Rainbow Six Siege” Team, welches sich das Ziel gesetzt hat an Turnieren teilzunehmen. Unser Ziel ist es nicht in der ESL groß rauszukommen, wir wollen lediglich gemeinsam gewinnen und dabei Spaß haben.

Doch von nichts kommt nichts, wir haben dreimal die Woche feste Trainingszeiten und besprechen nach und nach für jede Karte des aktuellen „Ranked Map-Pools“ Strategien, inspirieren lassen wir uns dabei von der ESL.

Wir sind ebenfalls offen für private 5vs5 Spiele mit befreundeten Teams und Clans. Diese finden bei uns nach Absprache und unregelmäßig statt.

Wenn dir all das zusagt, melde dich und beantworte die im Anmeldeformular stehenden Fragen.

Wir freuen uns auf dich!


King-Zany report 6 months ago

Hello we are NewTeam Co. currently 2 of us an ex CS player with 2k hours on CS ESEA rank B+ and Global Elite and an ex console siege player with 1.2k hours on siege plat 2, we are looking for 3 dedicated players like us who are looking to improve their skill aswell as their rank. Our goal is to get out of the ranked queue and be able to expand our skills into GO4, Comcups, the ESL Ladder and eventually head for further more prestigious tournaments/leagues.

We require:

Clear mic. Fluent in English you dont have to be native. Willing to take constructive criticism. A willingnous to improve at the game by putting time in everyday. Dedication and perseverance not quitting after one loss.

This is our form: https://goo.gl/forms/mCSE5h47b7dYQaKQ2

Our team discord (feel free to join stating who you are and your purpose): https://discord.gg/s599mhz

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