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  • Joined Jul 4, 2018
  • England is my city, United States, North America
  • PC
  • Klissu.E4 (UPlay)
  • Platinum II

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Gerb report 1 year ago

I feel ya

CisMaleScum report 1 year ago

You can join me and my friend for who play everyday. My Uplay is Grizzly.SG

Swada24 report 1 year ago

Hey man, im looking to put a comp team together and you look like a guy whole just fits right in. let me know if you would like to play. swada24#5096 is my discord, im putting a team together that is going to play seriously! i wont be playing on the team for ranking reasons. would love to hear from you back and play w/ ya.

Korrupt.Hydra report 1 year ago

Feel free to leave a message if you're looking for people to play with and possibly join an ESL team!

Josh report 1 year ago

hey we here at North43 are scouting for players to compete in future esl tourneys and we are very intrested in talking to you to join North43s R6S team. If you are intrested, please contact the owner on discord Josh#2690 or email the North43 staff at north43business@gmail.com . If you have any questions, please contact us

PinHead.NS report 9 months ago

I'm the owner of team No Sympathy, and we have two spots open for high skill and intelligence players. We want to go somewhere with this and are tired of the same ranked over and over, we've all hit diamond at one point or another. We will attend GO4s and scrim as often as we can. We are very intersted in you...

My personal discord: PinHead.NS My personal email: grinenic000@gmail.com

itsmetomas report 1 year ago

R6S Servers: EU and NA


We are a professional multi- Gaming clan that was formed in 2012 and we currently have over 2000 members. We have Strong representation in many games, and our members tend to hang around for many years due to the quality of the community

-Why Join?-

We are currently looking for active members in the R6S community who value teamwork and organization in large groups and had enough of SoloQ. If you are interested pm me and I'll give all detail and help you join


Discord: ItsMeTomas#8839

Ainsley.Hydra report 8 months ago

Would you like to join my team? Go to www.hydracoregaming.com and make an application in the forums!

Lil.Ark report 9 months ago

Hey, add me on discord or join this link were looking for a good team member and you might be the one! https://discord.gg/Q5wCz4P

ClearEquation report 7 months ago

Hey I've been having bad luck with solo queing, i dropped from Gold 2, i have about 60 days plus played between x box, ps4 and 16 days on PC, i have one with me rn.

Vindex report 9 months ago

Add me at Vindex.- if you wanna queue

Walk Off Esports report 5 months ago

if you wanna join a team hmu on twitter bractionr6

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