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Hydrogen report 9 months ago

Hey man, me and a buddy are looking for some solid players. We are sick of the randos and the unorganized clusterfuck that ranked can be. Our so called "team" is still in the making, but according to your bio, you had some experience with those before? We are both Platinum level, but stuck in high gold for lack team coordination. If you're interseted, I can send over a discord link.

Here's hoping. Hydro.

Dramao report 9 months ago

[NA] RuthlessGG

                     About us

We are currently looking for 1 more member for the main roster. We are also looking to grow our community to ranked and casual players. If you are looking for a fun enviroment to play ranked or casual please join our dc and share with your friends!

                      Requirments (for main roster)

1) Must be gold 2 or higher 2) know all the ranked maps and their callouts 3) Some comp expeirence/scrim expeirence 4) Can NOT be toxic torward teamates or enemy team 5) Must be dedicated and willing to play everyday


We will be looking to play in the ESL open ladder as well as the tues/thurs/sun tournaments. May also do other leagues such as ESA. We will be going over strats everyday as well as practicing them.


Justaseagull report 9 months ago

@Hydrogen , I'd be interested to check out your team for ranked etc... Do send a discord link my way whenever you're available

Zapotexx report 9 months ago

Hey, I'm interested in seeing how you mesh with my teammates and I. Add me on discord @ Zapo#0097 or uplay @ Zapo.GV

ZeeKiwi.Hydra report 9 months ago

Please go to https://www.hydracoregaming.com and submit an application on our forums. We will shortly after send you a discord invite and hopefully get you on a comp team that you work well on!

toaad report 4 months ago

If interested in building a team with me contact me thru steam.


Walk Off Esports report 1 month ago

if you have pro aspirations and are extremely available 18+ DM me on twitter @walkoffesports

Primal-Demon report 3 weeks ago

Henlo. Team up?

Justaseagull report 9 months ago

@PRIMAL-DEMON , Add me on Discord Veross#7690

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