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I'm Robinshu and I am a dedicated and serious player looking to make it in the professional scene of R6 Siege. I'm looking for a highly motivated, dedidcated and serious team that is aiming for the Challenger league. I am NOT interrested in ranked only teams.

Age: 20 Country: Netherlands ESL experience: I have been playing ESL since november last year. Before that I never had any time for it but I played with a dedicated 5-man ranked squad since the end of year 1. Since november I have played a lot of scrims in different teams either as a trial or main player. Sadly none of the teams were dedicated enough to stick together. I have played a nordic monthly challenge as a trial and our team came 3 out of 9 in that ,with 3 trials in the team. My Schedule: Mon-, Tues-, Wednes-, Thurs-, Friday: 12:30-18:00, 18:30-21:30/22:00 Saturday and Sunday: 12:30-18:00, 18:30-22:00. All times are CET. For tournaments I make an exception and I will play then for as long as is needed. If this sounds interesting to you or you need more information about me, contact me on discord or uplay.

Discord: Robinshu#7035 Uplay: Robinshu.LfA

Main Defenders
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  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/ying.png
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