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Lil.Ark report 10 months ago

add me Arkchalk#5561

Avatar report 7 months ago

Experience: Must be silver 1 or higher and have good map knowledge and know call outs. If are not silver 1 but still think you have what it takes to join give it a shot,

Looking for: We are looking for dedicated players who are serious and want to grind and get better as a team to win and compete day in and day out on and ladders as well as Go4s

Contact: Discord AVATAR.STM#6716 If I do not get back to you right away I will get back to you within 24 hours

Availability: We are looking for players who can be on 5-7 days a week for team practice. We understand if you have to miss practice here and there but ESL matches and GO4s you must be there or if we have a sub to cover you then you are good.tournaments

uber.exe report 6 months ago

I am currently unranked but that’s because I haven’t found good players to play with, if i were to find players that I don’t have to carry i would probably be at least a plat, my uplay is uber.exe if you would like to play sometime

TheoXDM report 6 months ago

Bro I need a good team because I just lost ranked games 3 times in a row

Walk Off Esports report 6 months ago

if you have pro aspirations and are extremely available 18+ DM me on twitter @walkoffesports IF YOUR YOUNGER THEN 18 WE ARE ALSO HAVING A B TEAM THAT WILL BE COACHED FOR FUTURE NO WORRIES

Rigid Outlaws report 4 months ago

Rigid Outlaws is an 18+ US Citizen team that currently has one open spot for an Intel player. If you or anyone reading this is interested, either email us at RigidOutlaws@gmail.com or you can add the org owner on Discord at Slav#2771

LilPinecone report 4 months ago

I'm trying to create a big gaming server for R6S. If you would like to join here is the link. https://discord.gg/jsFqvkd

EnigmuhR6 report 3 months ago

Enigma#3103 Uplay: Enigmuh. Add me and I will discuss my offers over a couple games of ranked.

baloo report 4 months ago

add me on discord. Baloo#8754. I am with an org who is looking to push CL.

EVERYDAY710 report 1 month ago

im always down to play

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