About me
  • Joined Jan 14, 2020
  • Canada, North America
  • PC
  • Kohzzy(smurf) Kohzyyy(main) add both (UPlay)
  • Gold II

im a above average player with really good aim and good callouts i need people to rank up with cause i can be a lot better than gold 2 if i dont solo q

Main Defenders
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/jaeger.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/smoke.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/vigil.png
Main Attackers
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/sledge.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/jackal.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/zofia.png
Data Centers
  • US East eus
  • US Central cus
  • Ranked