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  • United Kingdom, Europe
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TheDoomedChicken report 2 years ago

message with me on psn: TheDoomedChicken for try outs

Nopsa report 1 year ago

ur discord aint workin

JumperC_ report 2 years ago

Discord and uplay doesnt show up?

Prota Atlas report 1 year ago

Greetings from Prota Atlas We are a game finding service with over 100 regular users looking to extend our capabilities to find a compatible team or another team to scrimm with. We would like to offer you and your possible team mates a chance to join us and enhance your gaming experiences. We have an experienced lead team that will help moderate even through toughest times.

What do we offer for single players? We offer a chance for you to find a team to either queue with once or regularly either casually or competitively. We also offer you a tool that helps you distinguish from others and easily share your skills. In a friendly and moderated environment

What do we offer for a Team? We offer you a chance to either form your own team, find new members for your existing one. When you are ready and confident with your team line ups we also give you chance to challenge our others teams on the community. This is a good way to make a new for your team and gain some fame in the community. Contact a moderator on the server to get yourself a team tag set up that clearly distinguishes you and your team from the rest of the people on the server

Where do I sign up Join our discord server here and read rules and other valid information after which feel free to start recruiting

Discord link: https://discord.gg/VsAdTrF

legpain1 report 1 year ago


I think you'd fit quite nicely. Looking for competitive ESL, SCRIMS And Go4 But also ranked. We are mainly here to have fun.

Razza. report 1 year ago

Hmmm... " looking to find some people to play ranked with and have a laugh" Hmmm... "i was a diamond on console then moved to pc were i havent taken it as seriously" LMAO

Goltar report 7 months ago

Hey bro, our names are Timo and Mario and we are both 21 years old. We are looking for some players to play Ranked with, instead of having to put up with non-english speaking retards. After a mostly successful season we are now permanently stuck somewhere between Gold 4 and Plat 3 because common sense is hard to come by in solo/duo queue. We saw your profile and you would fit well :) I added you on Uplay. My Uplay name is Blackkidstealer

SugaJacky0 report 7 months ago

I'm looking for some teammates with comms to play EU ranked with. My Uplay is SugaJacky0, add me :)

TEAM_MAEVE report 4 months ago

hey bro, we were wondering if u would like to give a shot at our team. toss a message back on my discord if u would like to: Shade#8252

Unknown report 11 months ago

Apply to join ReaP esports, needing to be 18+ and gold 1+. Discord: Unknown.#6396

x5picyx_R6U report 1 year ago

Me and some friends just created a discord server for people that are looking for ques in siege ranked casual whatever if you wanna check it out here's a link :) https://discord.gg/hshNDAE

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