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  • Owner Arlie
  • Created Mar 3, 2018
  • United Kingdom, Europe
  • PC
  • Platinum II

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APJ. report 1 year ago

can i join this? im sick of de-ranking, went from gold 1 to gold 4 today from solo que

Arlie report 1 year ago

sure, join our discord, say hi and play with us

SkilzR report 1 year ago

Same APJ. Can i join?

Arlie report 1 year ago

join the discord, say something and play with us

Snoop report 1 year ago

Hey, im a returning palyer. EX plat and some tournament experiance. I wanna get back into the game, mind if i join you guys?

Arlie report 1 year ago

hello, feel free to join the discord

Hugo Reed report 1 year ago

Hello!. Would you like to scrim in the near future? Just a friendly practice match. Thanks xx

Arlie report 1 year ago

leave your uplay here or drop by in our discord

Prota Atlas report 1 year ago

Greetings from Prota Atlas We are a game finding service with over 100 regular users looking to extend our capabilities to find a compatible team or another team to scrimm with. We would like to offer you and your possible team mates a chance to join us and enhance your gaming experiences. We have an experienced lead team that will help moderate even through toughest times.

What do we offer for single players? We offer a chance for you to find a team to either queue with once or regularly either casually or competitively. We also offer you a tool that helps you distinguish from others and easily share your skills. In a friendly and moderated environment

What do we offer for a Team? We offer you a chance to either form your own team, find new members for your existing one. When you are ready and confident with your team line ups we also give you chance to challenge our others teams on the community. This is a good way to make a new for your team and gain some fame in the community. Contact a moderator on the server to get yourself a team tag set up that clearly distinguishes you and your team from the rest of the people on the server

Where do I sign up Join our discord server here and read rules and other valid information after which feel free to start recruiting

Discord link:

Jak. report 2 years ago

Condescending weirdos

Flexibility- report 1 year ago

I am a flexible player, however mainly I like to roam and frag, I'm a good listener and work well in a team, I make quick and short callouts, I won't go he's in ummmm or he's in ahhhh, I'm a vocal member, however I don't like chatting utter shite, I want callouts only and I want comms full of them, I can filter out voices and work well as a duo roamer.

I'm 19, British and want no toxicity.

I'm here to coach people too so if you're interested please hmu

Been diamond since Black Ice, very experienced player, I don't like to train in private matches, instead I like to play in ranked matches, scrims and practice strats in there as it stimulates a proper experience filled with communication, quick decision making and authenticity.

Stormly.XD report 1 year ago

Hey can i join your team i have been on a fall the last week so i have gone freom plat 3 to g4 ;( but i can easily rank up agian. Uplay: Stormly.XD You can watch my plays here:

Vortex report 1 year ago

Hey I’m G2 at the moment but I occasionally queue with Plat friends and play just as well as them.

I sooo queue everyday and I think this is why I derank so much I’m looking for a team so add my discord =)

P.S I stream sometimes so preferably be down with that

Discord: Vortex#7351

Kryptiikk report 11 months ago

Very toxic people

periculo5 report 4 months ago

Hello Im Tunisian , 18 years old , EX DIAMOND ON PS4 and also
i was plat 3 im looking for a serious team to play ranked/faceit/tournaments/go4... i speek english/frensh/arabic very well also i know all the maps and all strats watching pro league since season 5 i hope that i join a team :) for a long time more infos Connect me on facebook :

LT_Hutch report 5 months ago

Hello, I wanted to know if you still had a team on R6S or not?

I ask you this because I am admin of the Euro League & Cup, we start to launch competitions on R6S.

We would like to know if you will be interested?

mortui report 2 months ago come join us :D

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