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  • Created Oct 25, 2016
  • United Kingdom, Europe
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The Art of Warfare is 2800+ active players from all around the world, but currently over 80 primarily focused on Rainbow Six Siege. In TAW our RS division has both EU and NA Battalions, we cover west to east of NA and EU with lots of members in different timezones. We even have some members from SEAS.

EU events (Tuesday & Friday 20:00 UTC)

NA events (Sunday & Tuesday 21:00 EST)

You can play in a full squad pretty much all the time, ranked or casual. There are squads that play competitively as well as just for fun but generally it is a friendly and chill environment.

We have a mix of ranks ranging from copper, silver, right the way up to platinum and diamond.

Our division is one of the most active in TAW, we currently have:

  • Community events and tournaments with prize pools.

  • An ESL team.

  • Squad practice & training events.

  • Training, awards, medals and badges.

  • A dedicated team of staff who manage the division

If you’re interested you can join on this site:

Once registered you'll be given a bootcamp with a drill instructor to help you get started and understand TAW to maximise your experience.

Feel free to ask away if you have any questions.

Take care and see you all on the battlefield!

Data Centers
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