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  • Owner Flight
  • Created Jan 10, 2019
  • United States, North America
  • PC
  • Platinum III

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Jamal Solo report 5 months ago

Greetings. I added Hyper on Discord but couldn't send a message so here is the form:

Age: 20

Rank: Platinum III

Past Comp Experience: Not entirely sure what is meant by this. I haven't played ranked as much as many other people but I've been trying to play as much as possible.

How Often You Play: Every day as long as nothing weird happens. I can adjust my schedule to be on whenever you are.

Role: Many. I typically play Hibana on attack unless a hard breacher is already chosen, in which case I also main twitch for taking out gadgets or zofia for fragging. On defence I play Doc, Vigil and Cav.

Lolidk456 report 5 months ago

Age: 13 Rank: Gold 1 Can give callouts Not toxic Not annoying Available 6 times a week

Suthernn report 5 months ago

Age: 27

Rank: Plat 3/Plat 2

Past Comp Experience: None officially besides some GO4's.

How Often You Play: Differs. I solo queue most of my time online and still hold on to my Plat rank, so if I'm just not feeling sweating that night I won't play. If I have a team, I will play regularly.

Role: Support/Flex

muffin report 4 months ago

Age: 18

Rank: Plat 3/Plat2 (been playing with IRL friends lately)

Past Comp Experience: Nothing serious, I played 10 mans and scrims a lot during my CSGO days

How Often You Play: 5-7 Days a week

Role: Attack: I generally play soft breachers like buck, ash, zofia, and sledge. Defense: I prefer to anchor with lesion, doc, bandit, and jager

Check my siegrs profile to see more info

Crimson report 3 months ago


Rank: Plat3

Past comp: nothing big but i did play on faceit

How often you play: 5-7 days per week

Role: I play Hibana, twitch, and Maverick most of the time on attack. On defense i play BANDIT, DOC, and LESION.

Lil.Ark report 5 months ago

I'm looking for a team that can talk and play ranked and be on! I drop all my kills and I call out I have over 1,400 hours on this game I use to play xbox on rainbow I know every map and all the callouts I got me and my friend to play were both high players we play every day we can I work as a team and just want me and my team mates better as a player thats it!

N1ghtmare.- report 1 year ago

Age: 17 (Turning 18 in April)

Rank: Platinum 3

Past Comp Experience: Have been playing since the beta

How Often You Play: Mostly everyday

Role: Support and trap operators, but I can play anyone

reficul report 2 months ago

Age: 16

Rank: Gold 3 currently, Plat 3 all other seasons

Past Comp Experience: did some scrims but nothing that serious

How Often You Play: Every day

Main: Doc and Bandit, Sledge and Buck

Role: Flex, Roam Clear, Entry

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