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  • Owner toaad
  • Created Feb 5, 2019
  • United States, North America
  • PC
  • Platinum III

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BigPande report 10 months ago

Hey i wondering if i could join

D6-Merciless report 1 year ago

Hey don't bother answering my request, I am to young!

TheRickoSuave report 1 year ago

Age: 28 Location: East Coast. Play Time: Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm Sat-Sun All Day Rank: Gold 2 (Current) Highest Rank: Plat 2 Hours: 1000+ Role: Support/Anchor Stats: Goal: I want to find a group of people who are serious about improving and growing in siege.

I have above average map knowledge, I use push to talk, I do not complain about deaths, I communicate everything I can during a match. I know when not to talk when team needs to listen for barb or footsteps. Its these very simple, common sense things I have yet to find in some of the groups of people I have been playing with. Losing does not bother me, throwing does. A more mature group would be great. N bombs by 12 year old white kids is getting really old. I can take harsh constructive criticism. I attempt to review and correct mistakes I make.

RepuL5ive report 1 year ago

Is this offer still up?

RepuL5ive report 1 year ago

MarshMallow Man #0831

Shxro. report 7 months ago

Hey, I've wanted to play with some friends recently and I've been thinking about joining a formidable team. So yeah. Been playing since velvet shell. Plat 2 Parabellum and gold for every other season. My old team versed Goddess, Pengu, Acid-NOBLE from pro league. You can add me on discord Shiro#7016 and u can contact me on discord. I can play on weekends for about 4 hours total (Highschool can be busy). Thanks :). 15 btw

DONT_TALK_SCRUB report 10 months ago

Sup bros, i would like to join, u can add me on Discord Pengu#4633 (im not real Pengu), but im looking for a team who can give call outs and communicate, and i look forward to participate in tournaments.

Best regards, One and Only PenguBenta


Zohr report 10 months ago

add Zohr_R6 if u need another player

ginga_juice report 8 months ago

discord link is expired

Insomn1ac report 2 years ago

Link to discord doesn't work sir..

Smonk Purpy report 6 months ago

still open?

Marthryll report 5 months ago

Hey, Im a gold 3 looking to get to mid plat, I'm a fairly decent player, and understand mostly all callouts. Haven't been playing with the best teams, or any real teams at all. I need to find people that I can actually play with consistently. My discord is PandaJac#5253 (Side note, As of posting this comment I will be gone almost all of next week until Friday afternoon.)

iDrinkWater report 5 months ago

Not sure if my request came through. Is this group active?

MNxPHO3N1X report 1 month ago

Are you still looking for someone to work on ranked with?

MNxPHO3N1X report 1 month ago

Are you still looking for someone to work on ranked with?

Bubbles.LXR report 9 months ago

Scrim? we are looking for one

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