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I've been working on this new site for a long time now and I want to introduce it to you first. The community here has been amazing and I want to bring it to more games. But first, I wanted to share my story a bit and why I'm building this.

I love creating these networks for gamers. My first project, and what really got me interested in becoming a developer, was a "team finder" website for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive aptly named I received so much great feedback from people who were able to use it to build a team or just find others to play with that I wanted to keep making them for more games.

So, I built Siegrs which is going strong and a still averages ~300 new members every week! I've started building more apps for other games I'm interested in, but as a solo developer making these in my free-time it's been impossible to keep up with the demand and new games.

I wanted to build a site that caters to players of all games, not just what I'm currently playing. How often have you picked up an old game that you loved to find that there's no community left? Or a new coop-focused game comes out, but your usual group of friends isn't interested so you're stuck rolling the dice with a solo-queue?

Enter ClanSquare. The goal is to focus on multi-game communities and player profiles so with a quick search you can find individuals and communities that are playing the games you're interested in. You can filter players and communities by the games they play, geographic location, platforms, and much more. More popular competitive games with have a special profile section where you can specify what role you play (Like an entry-fragger in CSGO), your favorite character (or operator in R6: Siege), or your rank (because people need to know you're a Grand Champ in Rocket League).

Have a look at

How to easily import your Siegrs profile on ClanSquare

After you've created an account on ClanSquare and got settled in with the layout, you create a specialized Rainbow Six: Siege profile that will have all of the same useful information we have here on Siegrs.

On left-hand sidebar you'll see a drop-down labeled Game Profiles, under that select Add Profile. You'll navigate to a new page asking you to select your game, select R6: Siege. Here you have the option of just creating a new profile or importing your current Siegrs Profile.

Importing is easily done by grabbing the code from, pasting it in the text box, and clicking "Import Profile". Your profile should then be automatically populated and you can press save.


The site is still in it's very early stages and I'm trying to add features and squash bugs based on user feedback. If you have questions, ideas, bugs, or anything else you want to talk to me about you can:

Tweet me @michaelmesserli

Email me:

or hop on ClanSquare's discord:

Is your team having trouble finding a quick scrim to get some pracc for an upcoming competition? Or are you just sick of playing maps you don't like?

I've been hard at work for the next exciting feature for Siegrs.

I want to know how many of you are interested in platform that makes it easy to set up custom game lobbies for pracc or for fun.

Introducing (this very early WIP) PCW Finder.

We've been hard at work getting more features off our back log. Today we're happy to announce team moderators, direct messages, and email notifications.

Team member moderation

We've added a new team member role: Moderator.

Moderators can accept and decline join requests, kick members, and assign roles to other members.

Direct Messages

Direct messages will allow you to have a private conversation with another player. You can see your messages by clicking the envelope icon at the top right.

Email Notifications

This was a highly requested feature. Get an email when someone comments on your profile, asks to join your team, or favorites you (premium only). You can change your email settings in your User Settings page.

Hope you guys enjoy these small quality of life changes.

We are hard at work with more features coming soon!

- kniFely

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