Is your team having trouble finding a quick scrim to get some pracc for an upcoming competition? Or are you just sick of playing maps you don't like?

I've been hard at work for the next exciting feature for Siegrs.

I want to know how many of you are interested in platform that makes it easy to set up custom game lobbies for pracc or for fun.

Introducing (this very early WIP) PCW Finder.

We've been hard at work getting more features off our back log. Today we're happy to announce team moderators, direct messages, and email notifications.

Team member moderation

We've added a new team member role: Moderator.

Moderators can accept and decline join requests, kick members, and assign roles to other members.

Direct Messages

Direct messages will allow you to have a private conversation with another player. You can see your messages by clicking the envelope icon at the top right.

Email Notifications

This was a highly requested feature. Get an email when someone comments on your profile, asks to join your team, or favorites you (premium only). You can change your email settings in your User Settings page.

Hope you guys enjoy these small quality of life changes.

We are hard at work with more features coming soon!

- kniFely

The new operators have been added. You can now select MIRA and JACKAL as your main operators by going to your player profile and editing it.

Speaking of your MAIN OPERATORS, ever wanted to know which operators are most popular among users?

To clarify what this data represents you should know this is based on only player profiles on All players are prompted to select between 1 and 3 operators per side.


  1. Jäger (1353)
  2. Rook (1090)
  3. Valkyrie (901)
  4. Bandit (832)
  5. Smoke (707)
  6. Mute (631)
  7. Doc (606)
  8. Frost (380)
  9. Caveira (358)
  10. Pulse (332)
  11. Castle (254)
  12. Kapkan (252)
  13. Echo (102)
  14. Tachanka (53)


  1. Ash (1278)
  2. Thermite (1122)
  3. Sledge (847)
  4. Twitch (810)
  5. Thatcher (728)
  6. Buck (685)
  7. Blackbeard (575)
  8. Capitao (458)
  9. Fuze (334)
  10. Hibana (323)
  11. IQ (236)
  12. Glaz (197)
  13. Montagne (164)
  14. Blitz (120)

Some of this data is pretty surprising. It will be interesting to see these stats change as the meta evolves. We know from this past weekend's tournament that Hibana is the most picked operator in the pro league.

Disclaimer: This data is based on 2879 player profiles currently live on the site.

Today we introduce premium accounts.

We are offering two tiers: 'Recruit' and 'Chanka'.

Recruit is ideal for players who want a bit more insight in who's favoriting them, allows you to bump your post every day (instead of every 48 hours), no ads, and more to come as we introduce new features.

The 'Chanka' plan is great for teams. You can now bump both your team and player account every 12 hours so you're sure to stay on the first page. Not only that, but your new banner image and wide team-card will be sure to grab players' attention. Check it out:

For a full list of benefits check out the premium breakdown.

Welcome back everyone! And welcome to all the new players joining us for the first time this year. I hope you're all having success finding great people to play with.

Just wanted to chime in with some exciting features we have planned this year:

  • PCW (Practice Clan War) finder will finally be going live, get your team ready
  • Siegrs hosted tournaments
  • Post to Reddit button is back in your dashboard
  • Just more features!

Also, reminder to jump on Discord to chat, hangout, and find more active players!

Happy Fragging

- kniFely

Hope all are well and finding players and teams!

I've made some updates to optimize avatar images which should help page load times in the future.

Also, the timer to bump your player or team post has become a bit more strict. In the past we've had the timer, but didn't actually enforce the time between bumps since there weren't enough users to really bury new posts. The new rule is 2 days between bumps. This helps give everyone a fair chance to be on the first page and not to get buried too quickly.

Happy Fragging

- kniFely

We've added the new operators! To select Echo and/or Hibana as one of your main operators go to your dashboard and edit your Player Profile.

Happy Fragging

- kniFely

We made some updates!

I've been hard at work the last couple of weeks to bring you the new and improved Siegrs!

The design has been completely overhauled in hopes of making every thing easier.

Dashboard Changes

  • Countdown timer for your next available 'bump' for either your Player or Team Profile
  • Edit your Account Settings, Player Profile, or Team Profile easily using the new dashboard navigation
  • List of users that have favorited your profile
  • See your 'short list' of your favorite Players and Teams

Player Profile:

  • Rearranged the important information on the main page
  • Quick Links to Add Player to Favorites and Leave a Comment
  • Comments page is a bit cleaner and easier to read
  • If a Player 'owns' or 'manages' a Team, there's a link in their profile
  • When you edit your Player Profile you'll now see a super easy to use text editor to help you get the formatting you want in your bio.

Team Profile

  • Improved Member Management
    • You can now see all of the pending invites for your team
    • Manage your current members and kick them
  • When you edit your Team Profile you'll now see a super easy to use text editor to help you get the formatting you want in your bio.

Things to come

You may see some new links at the top to give you an idea of things to come


Could be anything from update announcements (like this) to upcoming events, or informational content.

If you'd like to write some blog style articles for Siegrs, shoot us an email or hop on the Discord Server

PCW Finder:

This is an idea that could be worked on if the demand is there. The idea of the Practice Clan War (PCW) Finder would be to find 5v5 matches where teams can face off against other teams.

As always I would love to hear your feedback.

- kniFely

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