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About me My real name is Kristers, people call me Chris. I live in the UK and recently started college course Computing Level 3. I have two faces while playing, which are the one that is serious sweaty one that does not like to lose a game. And the one that just lays back and just plays for fun.

Skills/Experience I have been playing siege almost a year now. I started in June 2017 on PS4 and played until March when i bought Siege on PC. I was fairly decent on PS4 as i did play with Platinums and Diamonds and did decent usually MVP or not far from it. I still haven't got use to PC players and gameplay but i am doing great. I am down to teams/people trying me out. In addition i surely could climb higher than Silver 2 but I don't really feel like soloing Ranked.

What I am looking for? Currently i am looking for a team or group of people to play or practice with on PC. I don't mind playing seriously or just messing about.

How to get in touch with me? The best way to reach out to me is through discord which is FootLongSubway#6068.

My schedule when i jump online I am online from around 4pm-11pm London Time (BST) Monday-Thursday. Can be all day or certain parts of the day Friday-Sunday

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