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Looking for players.

Greetings Operator,

Esports East Belgium is a rather new organization and we are looking to set up a ESL team. So far we are a few friendly and ambitious guys from Belgium and Netherlands looking to recruit motivated and skilled players who want to achieve more than a rank in solo queue. We have a fix training schedule of 2-3 meetings per week, creating tactics for each competitive map, practicing them in scrims and play tournaments. We plan to start with Go4 cups in order to improve our tactics and communication. Once the team proves itself we want to compete in bigger and more tournaments.

What you should offer:

  • a working and well set up mic (clearly understandable voice, no background noises etc.)
  • being reliable (show up to trainings and sign out from training if you can't attend it)
  • having a positive set of mind and being communicative (wanting to achieve something together with the team)
  • willing to put in effort outside of training (usage of tactic board, try out spots in custom games, watch esports broadcast, playing together with team members,...)
  • decent experience playing the game (map knowledge, operator skills, game mechanics etc.)
  • preferable have ESL experience
  • speak fluent English (doesn't have to be your first language but has to be good enough to give short and precise callouts)
  • be at least 18 years old

What we offer:

  • support from our organization
  • sponsors
  • contracts
  • coaching
  • a performance system (start as a trial and make your way into main roster)

If you are interested don't hesitate to send me your application and I'm sure we can bust down some doors together :) Discord: CharlieWaffles3#2263

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