About me
  • Joined Nov 11, 2016
  • United Kingdom, Europe
  • PC
  • ModernR6 (UPlay)
  • Diamond
  • Played since December 2015 on console (PSN: Modernicide)
  • 18 months on PC (UPlay: ModernR6 and Modernicide)
  • 3000hrs console/1000hrs on PC + Much T2/3 scrim/ESL experience

Looking to find more serious players with good English and a calm attitude.

I am looking for BOMB players in EU who understand the BOMB game mode at high level, I usually play support or whatever I think we need and don't have.

Please only add me if you enjoy playing Siege as a team, with callouts, co-ordination and non selfish plays.

My YouTube is ModernR6

My UPlay is ModernR6 or Modernicide

Lets play: https://discord.gg/Z397Xfb

Main Defenders
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/mute.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/mira.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/lesion.png
Main Attackers
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/thermite.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/thatcher.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/twitch.png
Data Centers
  • EU North neu
  • EU West weu
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