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[Updated 15/02/2019]

Hey, I’m Formless - I’m looking for a competitive R6 team that has the same mindset and ambitions as myself, which is to compete at the highest levels of competition and make R6 into a career. To do that, I am preferably looking for a team that is already established and is in need of a 5th. I will definitely try out for lesser-established teams, though I’ve had poor experiences with teams that were barely stitched together so I won’t stick around if peeps don’t know their shit ;)

Just to give some heads up about what I mean by ‘knowing your shit’, this is generally what I expect from a team of the calibre I’m looking for,

  • Full map knowledge including callouts, metagames, ‘standard’ strats

  • Solid droning (an overlooked aspect of the game by low level teams)

  • People that are not ‘mains’ of anything (unless you’re a really good Goga player)

  • Highly adaptable team that doesn’t get stuck when the strat needs to be switched up on the fly

  • It's also expected you keep up with the competitive scene, watch Pro League, analyse VOD's and make an active effort to pick up as much game knowledge as possible.

  • Preferably too, you have an IGL that can focus on the objective on not crumble under pressure those adaptations become necessary because we all need a dad, especially me as mine went to get milk…

If you can honestly evaluate yourself and think that your team can’t meet these standards, please don’t bother adding me. Adding to this point, I am definitely looking for a team who is down to scrim, jump straight into available ESL’s and play R6TM’s so if you’re a ranked star, please go away.

Yours Truly

England, UK I’m 24 (Don’t message me if you’re not 18+) Flexible schedule Have studied leadership and communication skills which are handy in team environments Currently G1, highest P3 (if you give a fuck for rank, I’m probably not for your team) Prefer entry & roaming over other roles, though can flex as always ~400 hours gametime

If you think I’d be a great mesh for your team and as mentioned previously, you can meet the essential expectations, shoot me a message on Discord - Formless#8987

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