About me
  • Joined Jan 11, 2019
  • United States, North America
  • PC
  • bgrones1.hom (UPlay)
  • Platinum II

I am looking for a team that will be competing in the challenger open qualifiers. I am a very competitive player and want to get to the next level.

Main Defenders
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/valkyrie.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/lesion.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/maestro.png
Main Attackers
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/ash.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/iq.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/twitch.png
Data Centers
  • US East eus
  • Ranked