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My Experience. Stats https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/Isaac1s So far my experience in ranked has been rather toxic and demeaning towards me despite the fact that I always try my best to do my part. I used to have a 0.8 k/d around a month or so ago, if that says anything.

My best operators are Jäger and Maverick. And no I don't just poke holes as Maverick and roam as Jäger. I play Maverick on Clubhouse Cash wall for example. I'm working to find my playstyle and am willing and open minded enough to experiment as much as needed to find it. So far I seem best with utility/intel.

I've scrimmed before and although it was entirely by accident that I would play with them, I learned A LOT from them. What I learned the most about however was their apparent respect for me. They were all Diamonds and Platinums so it was very difficult for me to catch up, but I still managed a 0.5 k/d. I stopped scrimming with them because I felt I wasn't good enough at the time and that I'd never catch up. I was having difficulty the entire time but they never talked bad about me. Since then I've matured as a player and as a person and am willing to go through with that kind of challenge and competition if it means that I'd improve at this game. When playing with them I'd always feel anxious but now I'm confident that I'm worth something if I continue to work harder and harder to improve, and hopefully you see that in me too.

I'm no natural aim player by any means. I practice as much as possible and try to get at least an hour and a half of practice daily, and I often go over even that. When I make mistakes in game or I get lost in the round I write them down and I go into a customs by myself to figure out what I did wrong. This is the best thing that's helped me improve by far.

What I am looking for. I'm looking for more players like the players from "Team Extract" (ExT) that I played with so many weeks ago. I want to play with people who are better than me, who want to teach me, and who will respect my effort to improve rather than insulting my mistakes. I want to be around people who don't insult me and call me a "shit player" when I have a bad game, because I'm not a bad player. A bad player is the kind of person who would say such things to their teammates, and you will never hear that from me. It's hard for me to understand why so many do it so often when they could just work together with me to win. I want to play with people who want teamwork and want those who stride to be the best they can be, because I certainly do. I'm always trying my best in this game and I never let a mistake go unnoticed. I'm very cooperative and open-minded. As long as my criticism is given to me with the intention of allowing me to get better I won't ever get upset with it.

I value respect. You'll never hear an insult from me and I expect that you treat me the same way.

I won't ever ask to play ranked with those who think I'm not good enough. I have never gone a game in ranked without someone blaming their teammates, and I don't want to be that person getting blamed. I'm extremely sweaty and want to win so hearing such things tends to upset me. I only want to participate in scrims or casual or any environment where the only player's rank who gets affected is my own. Unless asked to play ranked I will never want to.

I know there's some people out there willing to give me a chance and I would like to meet them sooner than later. I heard the best way of learning is to play with, and against, better players. So if you're reading this and want to let me play with you some time and you try to be patient and respectful towards your teammates like me, then I'm excited to play with you :)

"Surround yourself with really good people. I think that's an important thing. Because the people you surround yourself are a reflection of you." - Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. (I don't watch football but I love the quote.)

How to contact me Discord: Isaac#3397 Uplay: Isaac1s

Availability My schedule changes a lot but I'm online nearly every day when I'm not working. I'm young (16, no I don't squeak and I'm not the stereotypical kid that we all run into from time to time.) and I work at a local restaurant. As it's a restaurant they don't often spend a lot of time with exact scheduling and often change who works when. As of right now I work weekends but for no more than 8 hours a day. Before and after work I'm usually completely available.

I'm down to practice with you any time if you want to but I prefer to warm-up alone as I feel I build better muscle memory when I am by myself. But after I practice then I'm down to play.

If you are that person/people who wants to help me then contact me soon! I would love to play with you :)

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