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  • Joined Aug 29, 2019
  • ANAHEIM, California, United States, North America
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  • SLICE.S (UPlay)
  • Platinum II

SLICE.S - uplay age - 21 ive been gaming my whole life . especially fps . i do admit i havent been playing siege as long as most want but im an absolute beast . started as a silver phantom sight was gold now im plat 2 working hard af for plat 1 but im only getting 9-12 mmr a game because I play so much . i run a company out in LA so I get on every night at 9.30pm west and on weekends I get on 24/7

I hope you find a interest in me because im hungry to be on a strong team ! discord - SILCE#7575

Main Defenders
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/jaeger.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/mute.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/lesion.png
Main Attackers
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/ash.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/thatcher.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/thermite.png
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