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I'm always feeling a bit lonely when playing this game and thinking what this game really is about without a team. I want to find a team that have had this game for a long time, I've had r6 since operation dust line, I see that as a long time. Idc what rank, nationality you come from, I speak Swedish and English. I don't want to play with peoples under 16 y o and not over 35 y o thx, i'm 17 y o. I want to improve my thinking and strat in this game, good communication/callouts in eng and/or swe and gameplay. With a team I think I can improve, rank up, get friends, run/be part of a group and there from have fun. At the same time see reality, that we will not get in to pro league or anything else big, they are practising 24x7 compared to me, I have time after school etc. Just be as good as we can, that's the best way to choose. I don't have any "mains", II filled in who I usually playing as from times perspective. I'm flexible, I have the brain capacity to learn things, change plans and overall think smart, these are the players I want to play and be in a team with.

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