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  • Joined Mar 4, 2017
  • Netherlands, Europe
  • PC
  • LiamYS. (UPlay)
  • Platinum III

Hello everyone,

My name is Liam Yves or LiamYS, I'm from EU (NL), my English is not bad, I can clearly communicate and I can give clear callouts, I'm a pretty serious player when I have to be, otherwise I like to make some fun with my teammates.**** I'm currently Platinum III and I'm hoping to reach higher, here are some more stats about me:

  • K/D: 1.47
  • Win: 60.8%
  • Level: 124
  • More than 220 hours ingame**

If you want to check more stats about me:

I'm looking for a team that wants to climb higher up the ranked ladder (Platinum I, Diamond). I also want some nice team members that don't get salty when losing or because something else, and have a clear English vocabulary, and I'm hoping that we can have some way to communicate like Discord or Teamspeak.

If you're interested in adding me in your clan/team just add me on Uplay and send me a message that you're interested in me joining your team. Or just put a comment on my Siegrs player page. You can also contact me at:

And I hope to see you guys in game :D

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