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I am a twitch streamer with adorable kitty emotes and my main game is siege, I also am in a gaming group where I can find some chill people to play casual, unranked, or ranked with, or even customs if people are in the mood for it, the group is open to every one. The only requirements we have are that you are A. over the age of thirteen B. Non-toxic towards other members and C. Not a hacker So if anyone sees my profile and wants to check out my gaming group, feel free to message me on discord at Calladrena_DI#9233 and I will be more than happy to bring you in, we feel like siege is dying, but our numbers are steady, so there is always a person or two to play with, not to mention we have both NA and EU players, as well as every time zone for NA, PST EST Mountain and central, so not matter what someone somwhere will be awake


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