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Hi, I am 17 years old, male, live in Wales and I am looking for a team that both I can help and they can help me.

I have been playing Rainbow 6 Siege for about a year on and off, in that time I have progressed from a noob to a skilled player. I have struggled with my rank for many seasons as my old team were a let down, once a week I would join a game with them and it would feel worse than joining with 4 players who had no idea what an xbox is (this is not a dig at my old team, just me explaining why my level is so terrible).

Thanks to a sporting injury that happened too me not so long ago I have more time on my hands too play R6S. I have improved a lot over the last month and wish too keep that going, in order to do so I believe i need a team who are dedicated the same as me.

Due to family commitments I am only available Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and some Fridays. Thanks to my love for designing games this takes up some of those days and so does work and college.

If you sound interested in playing a game as great as this with me you can get hold of me via E-mail: marcowens13@outlook.com Due to being reported by an old teammate I am unable to text back on Xbox which is a shame but feel free too add me and invite me into a party speak too get to know me via the username itsallaboutdcod.

Thank you for reading my bio and i hope to hear from you soon

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