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Hi, Been playing for about 3 years now, Im a Support Main but can Flex, I love to play Monty on attack but can really play any role that involves taking breach or creating distractions. Used to play smoke on defence but recently moved over to bandit a lot more, and I'm getting pretty good at tricking, but whenever a team is lacking kills I usually pick up doc. Currently Plat 1, 4000mmr, on two accounts, both possitive kd of 1.45 and 1.2, those are mostly solo queued ranks but I do love to play in a stack, Used to play for the "Aztech" roster, but left due to a lack of seriousness and the players no longer being as active. Looking for a team with equal or better skills as mine,(better because I usually rise to the occasion lol),15 (16 in January 2022) and want a team that competes or tries to get as high a rank as possible using strats, Thx for reading

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