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Hi, I'm Lee.

Exeperience: I started playing after the release of Dust Line, I am a level 170 with around 800 Hrs pumped into this game on ranked, TH and casual. Red Crow was when I started taking the game seriously enough to learn strats, game mechanics but I took a break after Operation health so I am not as good I'd like to be.. .

I main:- ATK: Thatcher, Buck and Zofia (But she's not on the list so I put Thermite instead) DEF: Rook/Doc, Mira and Mute.

Looking for: Chill people who know how to have fun in a video game and are able to play competitively and without the toxicity that comes with ranked, who knows how to do call outs. I'd like to play with seasoned players who can help me improve my game skills and game sense but I don't mind playing with newer players also. I took a break from the game and have gotten rusty and need my games sense sharpening..

Contacts: Best way to contact me is through UPlay or through here.

Availability: I am available to play between 4 pm to 12 pm on most days.

Main Defenders
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/rook.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/mute.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/mira.png
Main Attackers
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/thatcher.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/thermite.png
  • https://siegrs.gg/images/operator_badges/buck.png
Data Centers
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