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Flexible team player. Good game and map knowledge. Passive patient playstyle, but can step up whenever needed. Highly value coordination and callouts.

Roles: Shallow roamer and anchor on defense. Hard breacher and support on offense.

Attack: Thatcher, Thermite, Ace, Zofia, Ying, Zero, Jackal, Capitao, Amaru

Defense: Lesion, Smoke, Bandit, Mozzie, Vigil

Pros: Patient, play objective, team player, game knowledge, flexible, play time, communicate, provide intel.

Cons: Not too comfortable with aggressive plays unless I feel confident about the execution. This can be eliminated when I feel like I can count on the ability of my teammates (ability to coordinate with me and frag. This includes flank watches, drone support, etc.) Not comfortable with vertical takes.

Other: I hate it when people talk simultaneously when trying to hear footsteps, and when trying to clutch. No backseat gaming either pls. Suggestions are fine but telling me what to do and getting mad at me only distracts me more

Playing since Velvet Shell (Y2S1). 3years of XP on Ps4 1year of XP on PC

Interested in comp plays & been watching pro league for years

Any roles welcome. Entry fraggers & another support would be appreciated. Mainly looking for people who do not let their ego get in the way. Know which fights to engage in, and which to fall back. Would love it if we could play the game seriously/how it is meant to be played while also having fun. If this is you, hit me up.

Check out my clips on my IG: IceCrystalShard


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