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  • Joined Jan 20, 2018
  • BorĂ¥s, Sweden, Europe
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  • FRoXie-mTm (UPlay)
  • Platinum III

Hi am froxie and I am not looking for a team I currently own a team that I think has huge potential feel free to join its community!

about myself I have been playing the game for about 1200 hours now and I like this game a lot I am expecting to have more in the future.

You can either contact me through steam or discord those are the best options http://steamcommunity.com/id/FRoXie_ Uplay name: FRoXie-mTm https://siegrs.gg/teams/1239

I am always online usally on weekdays I am online at least after 2pm everyday (sometimes earlier or later)

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