Team Details
  • Owner Quostix
  • Created Feb 6, 2018
  • United Kingdom, Europe
  • PC
  • Gold II

How Many Bullets.HMB

I've created How Many Bullets (HMB) with the whole intention of finding like-minded players to play together.

Looking for

Players who are looking to have fun in ranked with the aim of improving in a non-toxic environment. I'm trying to find a regular team to play with on both EU and US East.

  • 16 years or older
  • English speaking
  • Microphone
  • TeamSpeak 3 or Discord (TeamSpeak 3 is better)
  • US East or EU

If you're better than another player or said player does something wrong, be helpful and give them tips instead of being toxic.


Data Centers
  • US East eus
  • EU West weu
  • EU North neu
  • Ranked