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  • Owner PLC-Mojito
  • Created Feb 14, 2018
  • United Kingdom, Europe
  • PC
  • Gold IV

Please note,

You must register on our website ( and make an application, or alternatively join our discord to be accepted over here!

Welcome To Prime Legion

We could write a generic post like everyone else, and in the beginning we did. Then we realized thats not all we want for this clan. We want to be special, one could say unique. Mostly because every person is just that..unique. Prime Legion to us is a place people can gather to play games, to make friends and feel at home. Not all of us have friends and family outside of gaming and lets be honest sometimes you feel alone in the world, what we are trying to tell you is that you are not.

We are starting from the beginning to build something great, something that will last. Something eternal. If you want to join us here is your chance!

The requirements we have set for joining are:

  • -Strictly 13+

  • -Be mature

  • -Non flaming

  • -Be able to communicate in English

  • -Working microphone

  • -Willing to use Discord

If your application is approved hop on our Discord server ( and please read the Code of Conduct in the Rules & Guidelines section on our forum.

What Prime Legion has to offer you

  • -Friendly environment - We have a very friendly environment where people who aren't very nice are dealt with quickly and are removed from the discord and the clan.

  • -Dedicated staff team -Each section has a Section Leader and their Moderator who are dedicated and respond quickly to question and when they're needed. As well as this we have recruiters who mainly handle applications and are basically staff members in training.

  • -Moderated Discord -Our staff members are always monitoring the discord and act quickly if there is any drama or people that are violating our Code of Conduct.

  • -Our youtubers/streamers get featured - Our youtubers/streamers are featured and have their own youtuber/streamer role on discord. To be a featured youtuber/streamer you must represent the clan on your twitch/youtube and ingame.

  • -We have clubs, clans and guilds in several games - Our main sections at the moment are Rainbow 6, Heroes of the storm, League Of Legends, World Of Warcraft and Rocket league. However you are not limited to these games, we are a friendly community and you can play all sorts of games with other members.

  • -Events and Tournaments - We often make events in our main games where we have fun and play games together, one time we did a "sledge vs defenders" where sledge was only allowed to use his hammer and the defenders had to hide and run away.

  • -Coaching - We also offer coaching where a more experienced player can teach and help the less experienced members.

  • -Game Servers - Currently we only have a Minecraft server but we are looking into some other game servers.

If this sounds interesting to you head to our website and apply for member! don't be shy, we accept all gamers as long as you do not violate our Code of Conduct.

A staff member will handle your application as soon as possible.

Best Regards from the Prime Legion Clan

For we are many, But need more

-MojitoBurrito, Rainbow 6 Section Leader

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