Team Details
  • Owner Shikaka
  • Created Nov 5, 2016
  • Norway, Europe
  • PC
  • Diamond


Team consisting of 5 Norwegian players. 4/5 players are ranked Diamond. We are wanting to put down the hours needed and stepping up our game. We will be joining the go4r6 and ESL open ladder.

Currently ranked #8 in ESL open ladder. We have also gotten #2 in one of the later community cups.

Looking for

Searching Norwegian only for the time beeing. Reasoning is that we aim towards bigger norwegian orgs.

We are looking for 1-2 subs(for now) for scrims and tourneys, and ofc alot of fun ranked in between. We want to increase our playerpool so we can play in more tourneys, so beeing a "sub", does not mean little actual playtime.


Add me on uplay: vH.Shikaka.- for a talk :)


We have people on most nights from 17-18 and untill 04:00.

Data Centers
  • EU West weu
  • Ranked