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  • Owner fookin_laserz
  • Created May 4, 2018
  • Canada, North America
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I am a huge fan of rainbow six siege,I started playing it in the january of 2016 I believe I have over 450 hrs on xbox and over 1200 hrs on pc.On my average season I end up being gold 1.I am a very chill and non raging player I like to troll with tachanka and recruit in rank when bored because I only do rank and custom matches and do suprisingly good with an average of 10+kills with recruit .

Looking for

I am looking for players who just enjoy the game,people who wants to win but also have fun at the same time no raging and or rage quitting.


the best way to get in touch with me is through discord or this:) @ ubi name is Rage_Tiger


I am pretty much always on :)

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