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  • Owner K1LL.switch
  • Created Jun 3, 2018
  • United Kingdom, Europe
  • PC
  • Platinum I


Fed up playing solo?.........Want to find a place that feels like a family?..........Want to play with mature but competitive people?........or ........Simply looking for a new community?.........look no further!!!!

Welcome to the COALITION

Whats different about us: We do not require you to be on the website every day, attend events, to use/wear our clan tags, there are no strict rules. We also offer support to and coaching to players that need help and/or want guidance to become better and if you want to play any other games we can help build a foundation for that.

How do i JOIN: Okay we have an open door policy, join our ts and play however people who apply and join via our website that become members always have priority if they come online and play.

We use TEAM SPEAK and would encourage all our members to speak English


• Silver 1 rank or above

• 18+ (maturity is important to us) most of our members are 20+

• a KD near 1.0 or above

PLEASE REMEMBER if you join us you may be representing our community, so be mature, have a certain amount of discipline, no toxicity during or after match, no racism, sexiest abuse or insults to people in game or online.

If you want to apply and become a member: TS: CWGAMERS.NET


please note the community is new and website is still under work/maintenance, things still may be subject to change any skills you can bring to website designing and graphics will be welcome ty

Data Centers
  • EU West weu
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