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Excessive Gaming [XSVG] is an eSports organization looking to grow our competitive teams. Our vision is to have a culture that is energetic, positive, entertaining and family-oriented. We pride ourselves on being competitive while having fun and exhibiting fair play. We play hard and work even harder to achieve success. We are passionate not only to be one of the best esports organizations but one that inspires as we are invested in and devoted to contributing to the growth of esports. We strive to motivate our members and community, by providing support which will allow them to cultivate a career in gaming.

We are always actively looking to explore and expand into the world of competitive gaming. We are currently looking for serious players for our competitive team. There are a few requirements we look for in our players as follows:

  • Must be at least 19+ years of age
  • Must be mature
  • Must have a Discord account
  • Must have a working headset, and communicate well. Ideally, we like to use discord for communication
  • Should have an understanding and knowledge of the game and its mechanics
  • Must be Platinum or higher rank

If you're interested please send a message to (MykSymz#7534 or RollForBears#8919) on discord so that you can chat with them and take it from there.

Our links to connect and keep up to date with us: Twitter | Twitch

Minimum Age: 13

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