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Hey, Price here.

I am forming a dedicated team of siege players to compete at the highest level we possibly can in R6S. I want this group to become tightly knit, not just a pack of randos who on occasion get together to practice. Honestly, I have been through multiple teams, Ive competed, Ive won, but most of all... Ive been part of teams who disband. I think that the reason for this is because of the formula that everybody thinks is the best one is actually the worst one. Therefore, Im changing things up for my team.

First of all, Im not going to be a player, I will be handling things in the background such as coaching until I find a better coach, then at that point Ill just manage the team. I am focused on actually making it, not proving to anyone that I am a good player. I believe thats where things go wrong, when egos are involved.

What I need: 5 players (18+). It is preferable (but not necessary,) that you are level 150+, ranked Plat 3+, have a KD of 1.1+, a win/loss of 1.1+, and that you have experience playing in games with ESL rules.

It is also Insanely preferable that you be a player that is not one-dimensional, meaning: if you're a fragger with crazy aim who always plays Ash, thats great for ranked but honestly I rather take the guy who has slightly less aim but is willing to play the operator needed at the moment, regardless of weapon/speed/play style.

It is also preferable that you be someone willing to learn. NOBODY, who is not already a pro, is a good enough player to be a pro alone, because if you were then you would probably be a pro by now. So please, let go of your ego and lets make it to the top as a team. If we make it as a team then you'll be at the biggest stage of Siege, all eyes watching, that would be the time to show everyone how good you are.

If the description fits you then join the discord and message me (Price#8491) that you joined to tryout for the team.

Thank you.

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