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Tennessee, United States, North America

Created May 29, 2019


PlayStation 4


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  • US West wus


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  • Terrorist Hunt


rank icon Gold IV

Team Bio

What I Am Looking For and My Experience

I started off in Operation Para Bellum. From then and now, I took a slightly large break in Grim Sky and another in Burnt Horizon [Team Created in Burnt Horizon]. I started back up and I'm interested in finding a group to belong to rather than playing alone.

I'm looking for people who at least know how to play at the least. I intend for us to help each other develop our skills and maybe also play seriously. Of course we will have our fun times.

I'm putting an age restriction of 13+ because it is only neccessary to do so. There are basic rules, I'm sure most of you are civilized enough. If you leave you aren't allowed back so if you join just stay so it doesn't add more on me.

Contact Info

If you are reading this, it is important that you understand I'll reply immediately by accepting join requests and/or most importantly friending you on PSN. If you are aware of privacy settings that prevent me doing so or you ignore friend requests, add me yourself so I can get you in ASAP. Thanks. - Ghosty

The best way to reach me is through:

PSN: Ghosty_McGhost [Add me please]

Discord- Ebony Odogaron#4245


School soon starting again and availability is gonna be an obvious issue. Either way, most who aren't busy still play from time to time.

Disclaimer: This is a team forming and player finding site, not civil war. I won't be starting team "skirmishes" or accepting them. I made this team for me and my members to enjoy siege and it's glory. Recently, people who apply generally can't be friended by me due to not finding them on psn. I ask that everyone willing to join add me first. That is the only requirement to join.

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