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United Kingdom, Europe

Created Jun 25, 2019


PlayStation 4


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Team Bio

About us: We are a team that consists of 3 players and are looking for 2 extra players on Playstation to improve our squad and take us to the next level. We are an experienced set of individuals who work well as a team and will make any new team members feel comfortable adapting to our team and are willing to implement any new strategies that you can offer.We will trial new team members in a series of games and then decide whether you would potentially fit in our squad.

Requirements You Must Have the following:

  • Speak good English
  • Have good gun skill and map knowledge
  • Be willing to play consistently for long hours

    Contact details: You can contact me via my Playstation name JakeTheJedi12 if you have any queries and good luck to all applicants and potential team members

Minimum Age: 13

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