Team Details
  • Owner TheSmallSoldiers
  • Created Jul 11, 2019
  • United States, North America
  • PlayStation 4
  • Gold II


Soldiers Never Sleep (sNs) is currently recruiting for anyone looking for a good clan to run with. We have players in just about every European and North American timezone; however, still have a personal atmosphere despite being a moderately sized community. In other words, it's as much about playing a game together and having fun as it is sharing life together.

We are mostly casual ranked players; meaning we always do our best but don’t take the game too seriously. The clan's website;, gives a link to our Discord channel and a roster of all current members. Additionally, the site will give further instructions on how to apply which takes all of five minutes. The clan has PS4 and PC components with a player(s) on just about 24/7.

I am pushing a hard R6S recruitment at the moment with mainly high Golds and the occasional Silver. We are a very laid back group of people that don’t care about rank but have gotten to the point in the game where we only play ranked.

Our primary R6 presence is NA. We do require mics and are an 18 and older clan.

Feel free to contact me or comment here regarding anything sNs. Furthermore, if you'd like to play a few rounds before applying or observe our Discord chat, all players are welcome to. I hope to be mutually losing sleep shortly.

Thanks, PSN: TheSmallSoldiers

Data Centers
  • US East eus
  • Ranked