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Ravage Esports We are looking 3 players for our main roster 2 fraggers and 1 hard breach

Me and another guy are starting our own team together. I myself have a wealth of comp experience over the last year or two. I played for a team called ImmenZ and Iv won RSL and played in challenger league qualifiers uk prem qualifiers and SI 2020 qualifiers. Also won a GO4 on PS4. My friend was champion on console and won many go4’s on PS4. His second full season on pc and he’s been just shy of plat 1 so far (if that means anything to you) I am diamond/plat 1.

We are aiming to scrim and play in T4 leagues once we get an established team. Please do not hesitate to contact me showing interest!

Discord: Pooka.-#9369

Minimum Age: 13

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