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  • Owner CDN__
  • Created Sep 6, 2019
  • United Kingdom, Europe
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ImmenZ Esports are looking for a flex/fragger to become our 5th We are a team aspiring to be the best, and do UK prems as soon as possible. We are in multiple discord leagues and all have experience in scrims against T3+ teams. We our looking for a 5th to journey with us so we can do UK prems and CL quals.

Requirements: Plat 2 + (ideally) Good comms 18+ or turning 18 within the next month flexible schedule (we scrim late into the night sometimes) UK based (for UK prems) Comp Exp is favoured but not required (although we hope u have some even if its just a little bit of exp)

Pls give me your best attacking and defending ops when applying

if your interested pls message me CDN_#9369 also pls provide a r6tab/tracker link and esl link pls ^^

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