Team Details
  • Owner Zandinii
  • Created Mar 2, 2017
  • Sweden, Europe
  • PC
  • Diamond
If interested in joining the team, just contact me here or on Uplay at Zandinii.-



  • Diamond
  • preferable level 150 but no lower than 100
  • Be active (atleast 4 days online and active in the weekend.)
  • 1.2 k/d
  • Don't get hostile towards ANYONE, if you get mad try to keep it to yourself
  • General idea of useful callouts and when to push or flank
  • Good communication and a working mic
  • Don't ragequit, give up early or dodge players when we play ranked
  • 17 years old or more
  • Can speak English or Swedish fluently
Data Centers
  • EU North neu
  • EU West weu
  • Ranked