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G4CE are a new esports team looking for players who play in the copper-silver end of the rainbow six ranks who want a team who play seriously and can work together to climb the ranks of R6

We will be looking towards entering Scrims and tournaments depending on how many members wish to pursue the Esports career.

What are we are looking for?

We are looking for serious players within the ranks of copper to silver who are tired of solo queing and deranking from it due to lack of communication or other issues.

We are looking for members who can play to a decent level who have a good amount of game sense when it comes to maps and operators as well as callouts.

We dont ask much in terms of requirements except:

You are 15+ You have discord to communicate You Have a working microphone Stay active within the team

How to contact us The best way to contact us is to leave a message of interest on this post with your discord name and # number or uplay account which we will then add you and invite you to our server where we will try you out with our team to see how you communicate and see if you will be a good asset if you dont want to then you can add the Owners discord zero2kofficial#7598 where you will be informed of the team abit more aswell as sent a invite if interested

When will the team play?

When you join the discord after being invited there will be a channel with a timetable of set times where the team will play Ranked matches however we understand some members may be at school,college or work therefore if you cant attend a session then let the owner know and you will be exused of the absence from the lobby

We look forward to hearing from you

Minimum Age: 13

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