Team Details
  • Owner Snowi_PGH
  • Created Nov 3, 2019
  • Australia, Oceania
  • PC
  • Gold III

Experience Papa's Gaming House started back in 2017 when me and some mates wanted to have something for us all to be called as a collective group. We all picked up Rainbow Six: Siege at the beginning of Year 2 and have never stopped since.
Looking For When we decided on new members, we look for someone who can joke around with others, but when it is serious, can get the job done

Contact Best way to reach someone to help you join or inquiry about us is through Discord, contact Sato#8049 or JustFat#1371 Our Discord Server:

Availability Our practice times are usually around 6pm AEDT to 7:30pm AEDT

Data Centers
  • Australia East eau
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