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Team Bio

I am recruiting for my sponsored gaming org (twitch and discord). We are looking for any siege players that want non-toxic, helpful, cooperative, and chill teammates. We currently are hovering around 1300 members in total.

What makes us stand out from other similar organizations is that we have weekly activity requirements to keep our community thriving. We host multiple events daily and even host tournaments and other events that are available to all members.

You will have access to the option to join a team/roster and receive tips from your fellow members who are more experienced than you. Once you join you will have access to our verified Discord server where all the action happens.

As for the requirements, we want you to be:



-Above the age of 13

-Able to use a mic and speak English

Feel free to shoot me a message on discord: Tupperware72#0299

Minimum Age: 13

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Events are part of the premium subscription. Premium teams can create public and private events.




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