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  • Owner Frenzy Conflict
  • Created Nov 29, 2019
  • United Kingdom, Europe
  • PC
  • Bronze III

Conflict is an organization based in UK which has the possibility of transferring to an Esports organisation, Reasons being that the owner of conflict (Frenzy/Blake) is going to University, Staffordshire one of Europes only Eports universities to study an Esports Course and achieve a Master Degree in Esports. Frenzy is currently working on getting a sponsorship with Esports Wales, Corsair, Razer and VicTsing so the team and organisation "Gets paid for playing." It is essential for every team player to have YouTube/Twitch/Mixer or any other streaming/content creating channel. Our Teams have to be high before entering the world of Esports BUT... don't worry that will be in 1-3 years time, those who wait patiently will have earned the title of being in Conflict Esports!

We do like that the team will play 4-8 hours a day and be able to create content when possible in a blank space in your schedule.

Team Submission / Business E-mail - Discord -

Many regards, Frenzy and Faris J

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