Team Details
  • Owner ToxicAntiShot
  • Created Jan 15, 2020
  • Australia, Oceania
  • XBOX One
  • Gold III

Hello There!

Welcome to Repulse Gaming! We are a clan that always wants to preform our best in all areas, our founder members of RG (Repulse Gaming) all have +1000 hours in Siege experience. Our clan leaders have achieved their highest ranks of platinum and lowest rank of Gold and the minimum requirement being a high Silver rank.

We are looking for serious players who want to improve their game and are always available to play, we require players who are always supportive and calm between and during rounds. Abusive language will not be tolerated against any players unless used as a joke. We are a pretty laid back clan but do not support toxicity.

Our clan usually begins practise at 1pm (AWT) and plays for a maximum time of 4 hours. This practice session starts off with each member doing an individual terrorist hunt for 5 minutes continuing with 2 rounds of casual to warm up and then 2 - 3 ranked matches per day. Upon your request to join, our clan selector (Flow_R.G.) will challenge to a 1 v 1 to which he will judge whether your are skilled enough to join our team.

If you are interested in joining or would like to know more, you can contact us

Founder Team Members

TAS.RG (Founder and In-Game Team Leader) Airi.RG (Co Founder and Discord Manager) Flow.RG (Co Founder and Team Selector)