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  • Created May 3, 2017
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G'day guys, I'm Frontliner and I am one of the founders of Ironside Gaming. Ironside is a very new community, which has started less than a month ago, and with everything now sorted and up and running, we have opened our doors for new members wishing to be a part of our community. Since we have started less than a month ago, we already have a member base of more than 150 members spanning across the globe and playing on various platforms.

We started Ironside, with the goals of having a community that provides a structured environment so that whether you are a casual gamer that just wants people to play with, or a player that wants to be part of a team he can play with regularly during the week, to the competitive minded players - we have a place for you. Currently, we support Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty WW2, PUBG, Overwatch, League of Legends and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

We have built Ironside from the ground up ensuring we have transparency, deliberation and accountability at all levels: we want everybody to have a say regardless of their position or rank. Everything we do is focused around fun and friendship, we want people laughing together, playing together and winning games.

Building a community which is truly for our members also means building a community which has its eyes set on the future; our community will always be looking for ways to improve our technology, our infrastructure, and our protocols, with our members playing a key role in driving forward such improvements. We will reward those among us who make sacrifices for the success of our community, while always remembering that this is a community where everyone can make a difference.

We believe that it is when our members feel that they are valued as individuals that the collective bonds of strength which hold together our community are at their strongest. We believe that the success of Ironside Gaming rests with the members, as they are the community.

If this sounds like a journey you would like to be a part of, sign up at our website IronsideGaming.Org

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a awesome day.

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