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  • Owner Spector.LMR
  • Created Sep 8, 2017
  • United Kingdom, Europe
  • PC
  • Platinum III

Last Man Regiment

Contact When you join the discord but sure to use any of the channels. do not join this clan if you do not plan on using the discord. If you fail to message a clan leader on joining you will be removed from the clan.


  • Spector.LMR


  • Fire.LMR


We are mainly a rainbow six clan however we do play a large amount of different games. Our main choice of communication is discord. If you wish to join the clan then join us on discord and message a member in the command channel. We are mainly a more mature clan around 20+. We are only wanting to recruit guys over the age of 18 for our fixed teams. However anyone can join the LMR community and join fellow LMR members in games.! Our Tag for games is (Name).LMR

Discord: We use discord as a gaming and general platform of communication. On our discord you will find a range of info about the clan. If you join, be sure to join in on the discord channels and use them. If you want to be apart of LMR then show us. You are welcome to invite friends and use the discord channels available for that game.


  • Must have a working Mic
  • Must have Discord
  • Must be respectful to clan members and leaders

Here are our clans rules and guidelines.

  • Once you join LMR you MUST be active within this discord. If you fail to be active for more than 1 week you will be removed from the clan. However if you have a valid reason not being online that is fine just let one of members that are in command of LMR know. We know who is and isn't active in the discord.
  • We are not only a clan we are all friends here. If it is found that you are being toxic towards another member of the clan you will be removed. If you are the target of toxic behaviour from a fellow LMR member let command members know as soon as possible.
  • LMR comes first. If you wish to join LMR you can not be apart of any other clans. If you are found to be apart of another clan you will be instantly removed.
  • No spamming the chat channels.
  • When joining a gaming channel in which players are already active in a game please remain silent and have the respect to let them finish that round/match. There is nothing more irritating when you may be clutching a round and someone joins your channel talking about nothing to do with your current game. So once again please have respect for people that are in game.
  • Use the many channels for what you are doing/playing. If you are playing escape from tarkov for example use the EFT channel
  • If you wish to join an LMR competitive team you are welcome to do so. However you must be over the age of 18.
  • If you are found to be clan jumping (Moving from clan to clan)you will be removed. We want people who are here for the long term development of the clan, we do not want people who just want to take part for a day then move on.
  • We have events that take place every 1-2 weeks. Everyone is welcome to take part in theses events. Here we bring the whole clan together and can meet clan members you wouldn't normally play with.
  • Once a month we have a giveaway. Keep checking the giveaway channel to be up to date with what the latest giveaway is.
  • Once a month on the 25th of every month we hold a clan meeting. Here you join the clan meeting room and can either listen to what new things are coming to LMR and what changes/upgrades are coming or you can put forward your own ideas in what we can do in LMR.
  • No matter who you are you can advance within the LMR ranking system. You start as an LMR member and can become a major voice within LMR
Data Centers
  • EU West weu
  • EU North neu
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