Team Details
  • Owner Nerf
  • Created Oct 6, 2017
  • United Kingdom, Europe
  • PC
  • Platinum I

We are an R6S team established in July 2017 that also played under Team Banhammer eSports and Volito eSports, and are looking for a player who is available every day for consistent amounts of time, and who is committed and dedicated. You must have good experience in high-level play and communicate well, and also possess great individual skill. You must be 16+ and take the game seriously, as well as being mature, non-toxic and fun to play with.

We are an under-18 lineup who scrim every day and do tournaments regularly. We are a consistent team that has known each other a long time and treat each other with the upmost respect, and are very active (mainly within our Discord server). We wish to build our reputation in the game, and aim for the highest levels of competitive play once we are old enough. We have a sizeable community and operate from our Discord server with many scrim partners, friends and likeminded players.

Just a sidenote, the comments on this team profile from Rivvy, Kavetto and Baarcs were made out of jealousy and toxicity, as they are failed trials of the team who decided to try and make us look bad. We never renamed because we had a bad image, we simply joined organisations. We never boosted, and do not have a "secure area player with a 1.02 kd". There is no way to remove their childish comments, so I wanted to add this message to explain the situation.

Currently we are looking for a flex player who is available every day and can play operators such as maestro, mute, hibana, zofia and more to a high standard. Join our discord and DM me for information. - Discord Nerf.LeV - Team Captain Uplay

Data Centers
  • EU West weu
  • Ranked