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  • Owner FRoXie_
  • Created Jan 26, 2018
  • Sweden, Europe
  • PC
  • Platinum III

Quick Summary we are a team looking to grind our way into to the champions league! as of right now we have 4 people in our current team and is looking for subs and at least 1 more player in the main roster. most of us is between 15 to 18 and everyone is highly commited and hard working to get to our goals. everyone in the team has at least been in another team or been coaching another team which mean that all our players have have a lot of comp experience against other really good teams like T3,. right now the team is pretty now since we only have a few players but we are growing really fast and is starting to know each other really quickly. we can also provide a coach that will critique you and make you better in all sorts if ways.

What we are looking for?

we are looking for people that are 15+ and is willing to work hard and commit into this team.

Pleas have this form filled out in your application

Uplay name or a link to your stats How Old Are You?: Where are you from: Do you live in EU: Do you want to make it to a professional level: Are you willing to sit in a lobby and watch pro league to learn strats: Are you willing to learn strats on custom games: What Op's do you play: Why do you want to join this team: What motivates you in siege?: Do you rage a lot? Please try to be honest we can improve that:


Also if you do decide to join us keep in mind that its really a pro

Please just so you know I rarely respond to this website so please add me on discord or steam!


Data Centers
  • EU West weu
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